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2022 Workaction


This year brought some changes to my life. I took a travel assignment out of the country for my a little break. I’ve taken this time to focus on me and to work less.I a few ideas in mind on how to spend this time. Let’s see where this takes us❣️


STX 2022


Island Life…

Sometimes we have to take a huge leap of blind faith and just jump/start living our lives to its fullest. 

Pictures from my assignment in Wyoming (a lot of background and writing drafts done...muse came for a visit). I had a taste a Caitlyn’s life so to speak...

Fiction to Reality

2020... It was definitely a year that many of us did not expect. For me it was one interesting assignment after another. I was blessed to help out in NYC during their COVID crisis.  Then I was bless with an awesome opportunity to experience some of my writing in real life. Here are a few pictures of my time in the west. Like I said it was one heck of year... 


STX 2022

This has been an interesting assignment and adventure. As I said before, my ‘day job’ has afforded me the opportunity to see some many different places and work with amazing people.  St. Croix, USVI has been one of those places. Just look at some of the wonderful pictures from adventure down here. 

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