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The Cabinis have had their fair share of life events since they met. Now that they think they finally can rest and enjoy a peaceful holiday with their whole family, a traumatic event occurs sending Caitlyn spiraling into the unknown. What happens when one loses themselves in their mind? What happens when your mind is fighting against you? Do you loose yourself completely?

Disclaimer: This is a dark version of the couple that many may not have expected. It’s a reason for it that you will see later in the book. There is a slight departu re from their normal overly sexual and loving relationship. It delves into her dark past and how one single event can lead to a domino-effect of events happening out of one’s control. It tests the relationship and the love that Cullen has for Caitlyn. It makes her question her sanity. She reveals truths that had been buried and kept from Cullen. Will Cullen be able to trust and love Caitlyn after this? Will Caitlyn be able to recover from it all? What will be the damage left behind? Will Santa bring Cullen and Caitlyn home for Christmas-alive?



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Muse Slowly Returning...

So while in Wyoming my mind began to drift to a story with the cute police officer that was sitting out in there with us. He actually dared me not to put him in one of my stories. (Like who would really do that to someone who writes in her spare time? Crazy right???) Anyway, his name has been changed to protect his little sweet (and cute) heart-kind of. Walker Mark Gallows- you know who you really are...Here is snippet of what I have come up with so far: 

Bel was loving the feel of the warm water running down her back. It was not only helping to wash off the sweat but the kinks in her back. It had been a long weekend not to mention a rainy one. The thoughts that ran through her mind tempted her massage the ache and throbbing sensation between her legs. She could still smell his scent- earthy, manly. She let out a simple whimper and laughed ‘never thought camping could be so fun?’

Three days earlier

“Have a great weekend Bel” Madison Monroe laughed.

Both Arabella Mann and Madison Monroe had just completed a long 12-hour shift in the ER. They both had graduated in the top of their class from Cooks University nursing program and were like sisters. Bel was a 26-year old Army veteran working at St. Luke’s Hospital awaiting her class date for Office Basic Course in Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

“Yeah right, you can laugh because you didn’t lose a bet with a meat head,” she replied.

Bel had lost a bet with one of the Fir-medics that had been frequenting the ER a lot lastly. Namely, Walker Mark Gallows- tall, dark and handsome she thought as her heart rate sped up. He was the epitome of sex: 6’4”, 230lbs of hard muscles, gray-blue eyes, dark brown hair, and with dimples like Mario Lopez. He also had tribal tattoos draped on both of his arms. He was also known by the staff of nurses and techs, both men and women, as the number man-whore around. He had trail of broken hearts and dreams from one hospital to another. Bel for one refused be a part of his harem nor the trail of broken hearts. That’s why she was stunned into silence when he approached her three weeks ago to go out on a date with him. 

As she stared into those beautiful gray eyes she was almost sucked in- almost. She stared into those gray-blues and stated a firm ‘NO’ Mark threw his back and laughed.

“You’re joking right…” he said with a smirk.

“No …I’m serious, you are a known man-whore and I refused be a notch on your bedpost, part of your ever -growing harem. But thanks for the thought,” she replied as she winked and walked passed him.

Mark whirled around and grabbed Bel by her left upper arm.

As she was spun around, she came flushed up against his hard chest, his hard body to be more precise. She looked up and notice he hard pecks and then his huge biceps tightening. Bel wanted to lay into him with all the harshness she could muster, but all thoughts and words were lost in her mind. She was too close to him, too close to his incredible body- incredibly hard body. Shaking some rather naughty thoughts out of her mind, she dared to look up at him to again lay into him. As she gazed up into those magnificent eyes of his- she noticed how they had gone from a soft gray to a steel gray that was lust-filled. Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, she attempted to tell him to let go of her arm, but nothing came out. No words, no sound came out.

Mark stared down at this small woman and wondered what the hell he was doing. He never chased or beg any woman for date. He must be really losing it. His game was always on point, what the hell was wrong with this woman he thought. He hadn’t meant to grab her, and definitely had not meant to have her flushed up against him. She felt so soft yet hard at the same time. Her breasts were pressed up against his abs and they felt nothing like he expected. They way she looked at him earlier had done something to his manhood.

Her scent was washing over him and he was getting drunk. He loved her smell every time he was around her. He tried to place it but never really could. It was a cross of coconut and ambrosia. She was causing his manhood to harden. She had to feel it. The heat between them was growing. He could tell it was affecting her; she looked like she wanted to curse the hell out of him or punch him. But as soon as she looked up at him she was shell shocked or something. Her lips were parted into a perfect “O”. He wondered if that what she looked like as she came after an intense section of loving making. ‘Loving making’… WTF was he talking about? Those were not words he used.

Those dusky pink lips of hers with a hint of lip gloss were looking so kissable right now. He wanted to taste them to see if they were as juicy and tasty as they looked. Just then her tongue snaked out to lick her lips. He felt as though he could not breathe. Then she did the unthinkable to him, she bit her bottom lip and looked up at him as if she was in thought.

Mark couldn’t take anymore. His cock was hardening, his breathing had stopped and he couldn’t take anymore. The few minutes were a blurred to both of them. He pushed Bel up against the wall and crushed his lips on hers. It was a hungry, passion-filled kiss with Mark grinding up against Bel. He seemed possessed like a mad man and could not get enough as his tongue invaded Bel’s mouth to fight for her submission to his. Damn she tastes better than I ever thought.

Bel was trying to think. He was very hard - yes very hard and very impressive.

Damn this man can kiss. Think girl- think with your brain and not your vag-jayjay. But damn he taste so damn good. So this is what happens when you go over a year without sex or any adult male in your life. I know my panties are soaked now.

He deepened the kiss if that was possible and pushed her further into the wall. Bel could feel his cock growing harder and larger against her stomach. Bel even heard a slight whimper escape her as he did so. Summoning up strength from somewhere she pushed at Mark’s chest in vain. That seemed to only spur him on as one his hands went to kneading her right breast.

Okay I need a new plan, no way am I going to let him feel me up in the hall of the hospital.

Just as she started to try and move her head, she heard him growl as he ground his hips harder into her; causing her to moan slightly over a whisper.

‘Dear god I’m in trouble’ was all she thought.

As if on cue she was saved by angel clearing their throat loudly. Mark on the other hand raised his head slowly and looked towards the person who had just ruined what could have possible been the best if not hottest kiss of his life. Bel was trying very hard to hide her face behind him. Her cheeks were flaming red for embarrassment. The tension in the little space they were confined to could be only be cut with a knife. That was until she heard a little laugh escape from the intruder, or as she would call him an angel. It was Dean, Mark’s partner, standing with his arms folded over his chest staring like he just caught the cat eating the canary-well he did kind of.

“I was looking for you to let you know that I am taking our lunch break here, but I see that you were already doing that- Arabella?” Dean smirked with an eyebrow raised,

“It is not what looks like Dean, your Neanderthal partner-“

“Where are we eating lunch-cafeteria or the 2nd Floor” he said cutting off Bel.

Dean just looked at the two with a weird expression. He could not help but laugh at the two.

Bel pushed past Mark to get away from him before she did something rash like throttling him. Mark caught her arm again as a way to stop her from leaving.

“Release my arm Gallows or I won’t be responsible for what I do to you,” Bel Snarled.

He pulled her back to him. He couldn’t help it. He missed having her near him. And he did not want her leaving this way. He wanted to feel those lush lips on his again. ‘Damn Dean… could fuck up a wet dream let alone a live make out session with the woman who had driven him insane for the past two months.’

“We’re not done darling, we are going to continue this conversation,” he snapped back.

Dean could not believe his eyes. Was this his friend, Walker Marcus “Man-Whore” Gallows, running after a woman? Not just any woman, but with the ball busting Arabella Mann who could intimidated even him? This would be fun to watch he thought shaking his head.

“I am not going to warn you again…LET…GO…NOW!” She yelled just above a whisper as to not make a scene in the hall.

“We are not through with our little,” he was stating as he pulled her against him and went to kiss her again.

Not wavering, Bel took hold of his pinky and pulled it back causing Mark to yelp and release her from the kiss. Bel kept applying increasing pressure to where she had Mark’s whole hand twisted back and him almost on his knees. Kat turned to lean over him and said with a very stern voice, “when I say let go-I mean LET GO. There is NOTHING, I mean nothing left for us to discuss.”

Mark, who looked like he was in a modest amount of pain, looked up into her brown eyes with lust and then looked down a little as he could see down her scrub top and smirked. He raised his eyes and said in a husky sexy tone, “mmmm, I love black lace against your skin” and licked his lips. Bel applied some more pressure then heard a slight snapping sound followed by a howl.

“Shit Bro was that your pinky” Dean said coming to Mark’s side.

“Fuck! I think she snapped my fucking finger!” Mark growled looking at Bel who had her head tilted to the side.

“I warned you! Besides I seriously doubt that I broke it.”

“Bel it’s swelling and turning red. Look at it,” Dean said nervously.

Bel bent over to take a look at his hand and notice the swelling and bruising starting to form. As she looks up she notice Mark’s looking down her top again. Letting out an exasperated breath, she shook her head and dropped his hand.

“Maybe we should get an X-ray taken of it,” Dean said to break the heated look the two.

“Well you two know the way,” and she turned to walk in the opposite direction only to feel a hand wrapped around her arm again.

“You must be the daftest man on Earth,” she said as she turned around to see that it was Dean.
With hands raised, “You’re not coming with us?”

“Ugh no, I don’t see a need to sit there and hold his hand. He’s big boy,” Bel stated.

“But YOU could have broken his pinky,” Dean replied giving her a look that spoke volumes.

Letting out a breath, “Fine, but I seriously doubt it is anything more than a sprain,” as she walked past the two men and headed towards Radiology.

Mark was doing everything in his power not push Bel up against the wall and take her right then and there. He was lost in thought as he watched her firm ass sway towards Radiology.

“Stop it before she literally bust your balls dude,” Dean said softly to Mark.

“What the hell were you thinking, man –handling Arabella? She is not the type of women you go after. She doesn’t hit like a girl. She is called the ‘ball-buster’ for a reason. Seriously what the hell man?”

“I don’t know. The last two months of seeing her practically every day and the quick jabs and quips back and forth… and her scent of coconut and ambrosia… her lips, those lips; I couldn’t help it. I asked her out and she turned me down…ME,” Mark let out in one breath.

Dean stared at him for a moment. Did his best friend of nine years hit his head too hard playing football the other day or is the pain effecting his brain?

“What?” Mark asked as he notice Dean looking at him with an unreadable expression on his face.

After waiting 15 minutes for the Xray tech to shamelessly flirt with Mark. His pinky finger was X-rayed and they were heading to the Fast-tracked section of the ED to splint his finger. They were going to have to wait until the Radiologist examined the X-ray for a definitive answer.

There was debate as to whether it was a bad sprain or a break seeing that Mark could slightly bend it.

Bel had him sit on the examining table and started to wrap his hand. Mark was mesmerized watching her gently wrap it. He felt a sense a pride for some reason in her work. Shaking his head he looked up to see Dean staring at him with that same unreadable expression on his face. He squinted at Dean who in turn quirked his eyebrow back at him. Mark in turn nodded his head to the door. Dean knowing what he said but couldn’t resist to mess with Mark, hunched shoulder as to say he didn’t understand. Mark again nodded his head to the door, twice. This time catching Bel’s attention.

“Something wrong with your neck Gallows?”, Bel inquired.

“Ugh, no, darling,” Mark drawled out.

“Really? Then why do keep nodding your head to the door to Dean?” Bel asked looking directly at him.

“Enough about that; I have proposition for you. If my pinky is broken you go out on a date with me,” Mark said with his eyes twinkling and that cocky smirk on his face.

“And if it isn’t, which it isn’t- what do I get?” Bel snapped back.

“I promise to leave you alone. I won’t ask you out nor force my lips on you… unless you want me to,” Mark said a little deflated.

After about what seemed like forever, Bel answered.

“You promise to stop whatever in the hell has gotten into you in the last 24-hour?” she replied. Mark nodded yes. “Okay, it’s deal,” she said turning to walk out of the room.

“It’s a date,” he mumbled under his breath.

Shaking his head, Dean looked at Mark. This should be interesting.


“Well girl, this should be interesting. You have slept outside before, so I know that won’t be the problem,” Madison said with a smirk.

“So are you taking your own tent or sharing one with Mark?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“First off, I don’t do camping for pleasure. The Army paid me to stay outside and I only did that in Basic Training and AIT. Maddy you know very well that I don’t have a tent, unless you count Cameron’s Transformer Tent,” she said laughingly. Cameron was Be’ls five-year-old she had with her ex-husband.

This was definitely going to be an interest weekend. Bel’s ex had Cameron for the weekend, and she had agreed to a date with Mark. Okay she did not agree so much as she lost a bet to him. Maybe she wanted to lose the bet so she can spend some alone time with the dishy Gallows. But he was a man-whore and she did not have time for those games in her life. She had seen a lot of him lately. It seemed that he was there in the ER even when it was his rotation to be off. She loved looking up and seeing those gorgeous smoky gray eyes that some time turned steel gray staring back at her when he gave report. Lately him and Dean were “stopping by” a lot to have lunch with her and Maddy, bringing them coffee or just to hang out between and after calls.

On one of her off days a couple weeks ago, she bumped into him at the nearby gym. Usually she participates in the Zumba, Spin or Step classes, but lately she had added weight and elliptical training back into her routine. She was standing by the weights getting ready to lift when she heard that familiar baritone voice ask if she needed a spotter. She had to do a double take as she was blown away by what she saw. Standing there was Mark in a tight black Under Armor sleeveless shirt and some shorts. She knew he had the tribal tats, she knew he was cut, she knew he had some nice arms; but damn was all she thought. She felt herself unconsciously lick her lips. You could see the outline of his massive chest, his awesome six-packs, and very broad shoulders. She had to shake her head- this was Mark whom she saw practically every day- just more of him. She looked down and saw strong, thick thighs with a nice bulge nestled in between them. She gasped and looked up to see he was staring directly at her.

“So do you need a spotter?” he asked coming closer to her.

“S-sure, thanks,” she said turning around and releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

He moved in closer than she expected. She could smell his scent. Oh that scent, pure masculinity: piney outdoors scent with a bit a just walked out of shower smell.

Just then two little blonde twats swayed their non-existent hips over to him. Twat one giggled and asked if he could was going out after working out. After telling them with a dry tone that he was heading home with his girlfriend, they began to pout. Twat two said in a sugary whiny voice calling him “Markie poo” said he didn’t tell them he had a girlfriend. Sensing he was being backed in a corner he told them he did and that it never came up because he was drunk when he met them. Not believing him they told him as much. Bel was behind them lifting the weight trying not to laugh at the unfolding events. As she went to put the weight down and grab her towel, Mark wrapped his hands around her waist. Startling her out of her thoughts, she pretended to be calm.

“Are you done, baby?” he asked as he nuzzled her neck and pulled her close.

“Hmm yeah, sweetie,” she said trying not to sound as though it was forced.

“Hmm this is, I’m sorry I don’t remember your names”, he said to the blonde twats as he snuggled closer to Bel.

“You’re dating her?” they said in unison.

“Yes he’s dating ME. Why is that hard to believe?”

“No it is just that you are ummm-“ Twat one began to say only to be cut off by Twat two.

“-you are not what we normally see him with.”

“Oh you mean educated, able to hold a meaningful conversation, not needing daddy and mommy ‘s money to go out, and oh yeah you mean black…” Bel spat back shaking her head.

The two blonde twats just blushed and squirmed

“Well ladies, Bel and I need to get home for our daily quality time,” Mark interjected.

Moving pass them Bel and Mark walked out of the gym. Mark apologized to her for the girls and stated that he was not as bad as they made him out to be. Bel looked at him in disbelief. She knew his reputation preceded him. She was not the one to hero worship nor was she one to be easily swayed by a cute smile and sexy body. 

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