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Working on Gabby’s and Gavin’s Story and another I’ve been toying with in my mind while finishing up my paper and capstone project for graduate school. Below are some are snippets. 

As Gavin escorted me to the limo, he gave a look that promised so much then I was willing to give at the moment.

“So, CPT O’Patrick, what have you gotten me into,” I asked, turning towards him in the limo.

Pulling me into his lap, Gavin kissed me again that caused me melt into him like butter hot frying pan.  Looking deeply in my eyes he replied, “It’s Gavin or any pet names you would like to call me, not CPT O’Patrick. Trust me to not only show you a great time, but to get to know me. That’s all I am asking.” 

Shaking my head, I slid off his lap and sat next to him and began looking out the window, wondering how I ended up here. 

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at a helipad. I gave Gavin a shocked look. When the driver opened to door, I was awestruck. Gavin got out first and held his hand out for me. Exhaling and saying a silent prayer, I took Gavin’s hand to set out on this crazy ass adventure he had planned for us. Gavin grabbed a medium-sized overnight bag that caused me really to question ‘what the hell’. 

“It’s for later. When I said 24 hours, I meant 24 hours,” before he placed another searing kiss on me. “Come on, we are going to miss our next appointment after this if we don’t get going.”

The aerial tour of Vegas at night was beautiful and romantic. We flew over the Hoover Dam, which for me was a little scary, and Gavin took it upon himself to pull me even closer. When finally landed, which I was very grateful for, there was a black BMW i8 sitting there. Looking from Gavin to sports car and back again, I was a little confused. 

“Are you for real for right now?” I gasped.

Gavin strode over to the sports car with a cocky walk I never noticed before. He placed the overnight bag behind the seat. He finally looked up at me and noticed that I was standing in the same spot from earlier in shock. Leaning against the car, he smirked and nodded for me to come to him. Slowly, I walked towards him. Again, it was because I was trying not to fall and bust my ass. 

“Darlin’ you keep walking sexy like and my resolve to be the perfect gentlemen tonight goes out the window,” he let out in a husky tone.

“Honestly, it’s not a sex walk. It’s a slow and try not fall and bust my ass walk,” I confided. 

Gavin stood up looking me dead in the eyes with a look so possessive that I swore he saw down to my soul. Shaking his head, he leaned down. “You Gabby Mora are too damn cute and sexy for your own good. Even when you don’t mean to be you are. Just now saying that... we need to go our next appointment is waiting for us,” he said with a wink. 

Honestly, I didn’t know how to feel right now. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had butterflies with Sean too, but not like this. Also, I was sitting in a $165K car, that a certain muscular hottie was driving like it was second nature. Speaking of which. He had the key FOB on him the whole time. As we pulled up to the Mirage, I gave him a curious look.

“The Mirage? What are we doing here?” I inquired as he pulled the sports car up for valet parking. 

“You will see,” he said before getting out of the car.

As we entered the hotel, a couple of people spoke to Gavin, welcoming him back. We took the elevator to the top floor. I was surprised when we walked into the penthouse suite. Gavin sat the bag down and grabbed me by my waist, pulling me to him in another soul searing passionate kiss. 

“I have been wanting to do this since this the helicopter ride,” he said leaning his forehead against mine. “So, I brought you here, away from our friends and my family for some alone time. I wanted 24 hours alone with you and you not running away from me. I wanted you get to know me, the real Gavin, away from everyone.”

“Yeah, I may use some of your weakness against you. Like Robin Thicke, which was coincidental that he is here this week. But the couple’s massage and the other stuff, yeah that’s on purpose,” he said before kissing my cheek. “Now if you don’t mind I am going to change for our massage,” he said with a wink before undressing. 

I quickly turned around to sit on the sofa. A lot had transpired since I woke up this morning. Sitting there lost in my thoughts, I didn’t quite hear what Gavin was saying until he was standing in front of me in a plush white robe. 

“I was saying, don’t you think you should change before they get here for our massages,” he asked, holding his hands out to help me up.

“I guess so. Wait, they are coming up here?” I asked just as there was a knock at the door. “Is that them, I will hurry and change,” I said rushing to the bathroom. 

“I think it’s our snacks for the evening,” he smirked.

“Snacks?” I yelled from the bathroom.

“Yes, snacks. I have to squeeze in all the dates I wanted to take you on in the next 24 hours,” he yelled before thanking the wait staff. 

As I walked out, I noticed the room service dolly with tons of food and drinks on it. The young man looked from Gavin to me and gave a quizzical but happy look. He talked to Gavin as he was used to waiting on him. Gavin motioned for me to come over and give him approval of the spread.

“Is this to your liking, my dear?” he asked and kissed my forehead while hooking an arm around my waist possessively.

“Yes, I guess. Who else is joining us?” I asked looking at all the food there. It was enough to feed a small village. 

“Just us silly. First our couple’s massage and then the next surprise. Like I said, I have 24 hours to get in all those missed dates and try to woo you as Jenny said,” Gavin confessed.

“Jenny’s in on this,” I stated more than asked. I kind of felt like it after the weird moment in my suite earlier.

‘Just go with it Gabby. He seems really nice. I never told you, but your last day at work, he was in Starbuck ordering your drink and I ran into him. We talked about you. I didn’t know he was coming to Vegas, but I am happy he’s here and that he has a second chance to get woo you. You deserve this. After what that ass put you though and not just that last two years, either. You need someone who will put you first and who will take you care of ALL your needs and wants. Promise me you will have a great time with Gavin. Don’t think, just do. For once in your life, let someone take care of you. He wants to, so let him.’

“I had a little help from her. I knew some of your likes from observing you. But she had to key me on what you like,” he stated, pulling me closer.

“Okay, have you really been stalking me,” I asked feeling slightly creeped out.

“No sweetie. You do realize we work on post together. And frequented the same grocery store, gym, Starbucks and apparently live in the same subdivision. That last part I didn’t realize until I saw your house up for sale. I was looking for a realtor myself,” he mused.

“Why do you need a realtor?” I asked before I realized it.

Laughing, “I will tell you about that after my sister’s wedding. Right now, I need you look at the room service cart to see if I missed anything, in case I need to order anything before it gets too late,” he said turning me towards the cart.

Looking at the cart of food that could feed a village, I didn’t know if we were planning for the apocalypse, war, or what. “I don’t know. I don’t think you missed anything. But I don’t know what you have planned so…” I answered trying to see if I could get a peek into what else was planned.

“Nice try, sweet cheeks, but I am not telling you. Like I said couple’s massage next and then my next surprise,” he said with another quick kiss to my forehead before tipping the waiter and escorting him to the door; just in time to let the masseuses in to set up. 

“Well, so far my ‘surprises’ have been kind of over the top,” I said sitting on the sofa and tucking my legs under me.

“How so?” Gavin said as he came and sat next me while they set up.

Turning to look at him at him and shaking my head, I couldn’t believe I was actually in a hotel room almost naked with Gavin O’Patrick and the night I have had so far. 

“For starters, the dinner-concert with Robin Thicke. That alone beats ALL first dates for me-hands down. Then you followed it up with night fly over via helicopter. Dude those are definitely like panty droppers moves,” I said looking up at him with knowing eyes.

“Well, I didn’t do it for that. I did it because I like you and these feelings are deeper than that,” he said taking my hands in his.

“How can you say that when you really don’t know me,” I asked truly curious in his answer.

“You’re smart, you graduated with your masters and passed your boards after a very heart-breaking time of life. You are strong because you didn’t let it stop you nor break you. You are kind, sweet, and nurturing. I do remember waking up being tucked in with the lights off after you medicated me. I see how are with your friends. And I saw you with that little girl that day a Fresh Market. You were too cute and adorable,” he said tucking a stray hair behind my ear. 

“See that right there. That look you make when you get nervous or self-conscious. You bite your lower lip. That will be my undoing. It’s extremely sexy and cute at the same time. Also, when you’re in deep, thought you tend to chew on your pen top or the inside of your mouth,” he said getting up and pulling me with him.

“Those are a few things I have noticed about you. The others, well let’s just say it's best I don’t think about them right now, as I am half naked about to get a massage,” he quipped with a wink and nipped on my neck. 

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2020 has definitely started this decade out with a BANG! I hope this little message finds you all managing this unprecedented time of unpredictable changes. Please take time for yourselves, get plenty of rest, eat right, wash your hands and refrain from touching your face. Also please wear face coverings while out in public.


1 Sep 2020...

Just checking in with you all. I hope you all are okay after the two storms from last week. Prayers for all that have been affected. Also I would like time to say a prayer to Chadwick Boseman’s family, friends and all of the fans who followed him (including my family). This sudden loss of someone is always hard. 2020 has been a year of sudden changes, losses and chaos. But I have faith that we WILL get through this. But we must keep the FAITH and must continue to FIGHT.

On a different note, I have made some changes edits to the previous books since, the ones done by the previous person were NOT up to par. They say you pay for what you get (insert sarcasm). Anyway, I was new to this and I am still learning this.

Now back to the 7-7 gig... PLEASE stay guys. We CAN beat this!! I have FAITH in US. I BELIEVE in US. Plus I’m really looking forward to going to outside without a mask and hugging people ;-)

Also I have uploaded my works to Smashword to allow for more for distribution of the new edited versions at my price points. 




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